Strong Public Safety

Public safety is the single most important service a city can provide. Safe communities are strong communities. I believe that public safety is at its best when it’s a community effort – police and fire embedded in the community, partnering with the families they protect and serve to make the city safe for everyone. In addition to implementing community policing procedures, our public safety officers deserve access to the resources and training they need to help them do their jobs. 

Economic Opportunity 


My father has always been an entrepreneur, and he instilled that value in me. I see incredible economic opportunities in El Mirage – opportunities for people to open and run their own businesses, opportunities to attract companies that provide well-paying jobs, opportunities for families to build secure futures. I want to help secure and grow these opportunities for everyone. 

Quality Education 

Quality education begins with quality teachers in the classroom, and quality extra-curricular activities available to the community. While education is the purview of the state rather than the city, I believe there are opportunities for cities to partner with local schools to help attract and retain quality teachers and provide before and after school activities. 

Community Resources 

Empowering individuals and families through my work in both government agencies and non-profit organizations has been one of my top priorities. Providing information and resources to the community is key to empowering them to become their best selves. Sometimes information and encouragement are all people need to set them on a path to success. I want to find ways for the city, in partnership with private, public, and non-profit organizations, to deliver the tools that will empower our families. 



I want to respond directly to questions I have received from the community about where I stand on the following issues: 

Speed Cameras 

I do not support speed cameras in El Mirage. I believe they encourage people to bypass our city streets for others, and have a negative impact on city commerce. I am not convinced they bring in enough revenue to the city to justify their use, nor have I seen credible evidence that they reduce traffic accidents. I would prefer to see increased police visibility as this not only reduces instances of unsafe driving but also reduces crime rates overall. 

Privatizing Water

I do not support privatizing city water. I am not convinced it will save the city or residents money to do so. In fact, I believe it would increase the cost to residents. I am also concerned that privatizing water may increase the risk of contamination. I do think the city can learn from neighboring cities ways to deliver safe, affordable water to our residents without privatization. 

Sanctuary Cities


I have no intention of embroiling El Mirage in immigration issues and  want to state unequivocally that I will not push for El Mirage to become a sanctuary city. Immigration is the responsibility of the federal government. It is also a highly divisive issue on which everyone can agree on only one thing: it is a broken system that needs to be fixed. That fix must come from the federal government. Inserting the city into the debate by creating ordinances designed to usurp the federal government's responsibility only sows seeds of division. I am running on issues that will build a stronger community, not tear it apart.