“There is nothing more that I want than to see my city, the city that helped create who I am, thrive. I want for everyone to be safe, to have the resources they need to live a healthy and happy life, and for families to be able to raise their families in El Mirage for generations, just like my family has. I want to be the type of leader that El Mirage has not had, but has always wanted—someone who is passionate about the community they serve, who will work tirelessly to push the city forward, and make the hard decisions when needed.” – Alexis Hermosillo 

Alexis Hermosillo is a proud fourth-generation resident of the City of El Mirage, where she and her family have lived for nearly 70 years.  Her family lives in the heart of El Mirage, on Poppy Street, Luna Street, and El Frio Street, in the same homes where her grandparents chose to settle and raise their families when they came to this country, and where Alexis hopes to raise her own family one day. 

As the proud daughter of Patricia Ramirez Hermosillo and Adan Hermosillo, the grand-daughter of Bertha Gonzales Ramirez and Richard Ramirez, and the great-granddaughter of Mercedes Gonzales, family is deeply important to Alexis, and she believes that family extends beyond blood relatives to the community.

Alexis’ family instilled the values that make her a great leader. As former field workers, her grand-parents taught her the value of hard work and determination. Her father, an immigrant to this country, inspired her entrepreneurial spirit and encouraged the love of learning that motivated her to obtain a Master’s degree in communication and go on to pursue a Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership and Development. Her mother showed her the value of generosity by always being willing to help a friend or neighbor in need, because even though her family sometimes struggled to have everything they wanted, they always had everything they needed.

Educated through the Dysart Unified School District, guided through programs and services at the Dysart Community Center and Santa Teresita Parish, the community of El Mirage helped shape Alexis into the woman she is today.

Now, Alexis wants to give back to her family and the community that helped raise her. She is running for Mayor of El Mirage not because she sees it as a stepping stone to something greater for herself, but because she wants the community that raised her to be the best it can be, become the best possible community for future generations.

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